Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will

"the ground beneath my feet - I know was made for me
there is no any one place where I belong.
my spirit's meant to be free - and soon now everyone will see
life was made for us to be what we wanna be!"
                    -'It's Your World'
                        Gil Scott-Heron

There's no one I can think of who influenced, inspired, and enlightened me more than Gil Scott-Heron. I've seen him a handful of times since late 80's - early 90's, bought anything he ever recorded, bought his book, tracked down his videos, and overall considered him an intergral part of my musical pathway. Although I think the 'father of hip hop', or 'grandfather of rap' are irrelevant titles that he himself shrugged off, he still made a major impact by including social and political content in his music. He made these tones in music quite hip and cool all throughout his career. His overall vibe was one of instrospection and intimacy ushered in by the revolutionary energy of the 60's and 70's. His heart beat with a blood rich in working class gusto and his lyrical talent and commentary wise and cunning.

I could muster up many more words about this particular musical hero of mine, but I think I will leave the full tribute for another day. Gil knows he was in my heart, and I would be willing to honor him daily in my life. Few cats can hold a flame to what he brought to the table, and did so eloquently for such a long time.
This is one of my all time favorite tunes by Gil, but there are far too many to list.

 "Find a shadow cast by rainbows
There you’ll meet the sage.
Feeding rabbits bits of lettuce or cleaning out the cage.
He can give you more direction than you’ve ever known.
Show you your bronzed baby shoes
Now, my how you have grown!
Ain’t it nice to fly? You’re waving as soft clouds go by,
But Peace won’t be still of its own free will.
Say you want to go exploring; you got to find some truth.
Can’t stand one more day of Christians shouting down at you.
You say you don’t dig politics that never was your bag.
People who could run for office wave their private flag.
Ain’t it nice to fly? You’re waving as soft clouds go by,
But peace won’t be still of its own free will
Ain’t it nice to fly? You’re waving as soft clouds go by,
But peace won’t be still of its own free will."
                                - 'Free Will' Gil Scott-Heron

Rest in peace Gil, you are loved beyond belief...and I thank you for all the incredible music and messages you brought with you. I am eternally grateful and hope that you rest eternally peaceful.

Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will

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  1. great words for a great spirit

    cinturon negro