Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hummingbird - You Can't Hide Love

The other night I went for a cruise. I stopped by the ocean and watched the sunset. Then went downtown under the bridge and chatted with some hooker. Then I went a few blocks, got out of my car, walked in front of another car and pulled them out of their car, and stole their ride. Later I got kinda bored, so I crashed my car into a police car and had a shoot out with the police. It took a few minutes, but I stole another car and got away. Then this came on the radio..Hummingbird - "You Can't Hide Love". Oh, wow.... THAT tune! Fuckin' amazing. When I first heard that tune I wasn't as impressed. Again, I had my head way too deep into HARD funk, and the soft stuff just didn't move me as much. NOW, more recently...that's my shit. I'm not sure about carbon footprints, moral values, or what the real purpose is for drive/steal/kill video games (other than to just pass some time). But, I'll tell you they have definately figured out how to expose music. I remember hearing Oliver Cheatham's "Get Down Saturday Night" and being like 'wow, yes! THAT glad that's on here' (when I heard it) on an earlier version of Grand Theft Auto. They made me want to play that tune out again. Same with this Hummingbird track. A definate jewel of an unknown soul song, by a long lost group. Can you believe even FELA KUTI is on Grand Theft. That's amazing. I gotta say to the video game kids, nice work. burn rubber bitches.

Hummingbird - You Can't Hide Love

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Gypsy

American Gypsy were a funk jazz outfit with deep mutating grooves and were slightly progressive and experimental. I was first hip to them in my endless quest for samples, and as usual stumbled on their drum sounds. And, as usual I was turned onto a richer sound that drew me into the entire LP and eventually a whole 'nuther style of music. Throaty big and lush vocals, much like Gil Scot-Heron, and tracks that totaled a vast array of influences. American Gypsy were in fact, American, but spent much time abroad. They spent a great deal of time in the Netherlands and released two Lp's there, one in the mid 70's and another in the early 80's. Sandwiched between the two is this excellent American release on the chess label. "Inside Out" starts as a classical music prelude number, and erupts into one the sickest drum and bass breaks I've ever put my ears on. The song changes yet again into a slower misty eyed groove, amazing! "Stuck on you" is a little more common fare disco style, but still a good indication of how capable American Gypsy were at transcending scenes. One could say they were well ahead of their time. They were indeed quite popular among other US musicians and had quite a period of notoriety for their live gigs. I suppose they found more appreciation overseas, but now they are well loved and appreciated here as well.

American Gypsy - Inside Out

American Gypsy - Stuck On You