Thursday, March 21, 2013

King Sporty - Give You My Love

Miami in the 60's, 70's and 80's was an incredible melting pot of sounds. You had the hard edge funk of the Alston and T.K. labels, a steady flow of salsa infusion, and reggae and island influences continually crashing ashore everyday. Those are only a few of the elements that made up Florida's pedigree. In many respects it was a musical hub of the world and now those of us in love with the signature sounds of the area are still unearthing goodies left and right. It is indeed and incredibly ripe area still bearing fruit quite regularly.

King Sporty was a only somewhat known artist throughout the world, but in Miami and quite possibly in wider Florida, King Sporty was alive on the local airwaves. Whether it was his reggae vibes or his spooky disco sound, it was all soaked in a heavy swamp recipe. He bounced a bit between the two sounds making albums of both styles. King, real name Noel Williams is getting some recent recognitions and discoveries in both categories.

I came across his recordings on the Konduko label in my original quest for another Konduko prize the Ronnie Keating 'Going Down For The Last Time' 45.
Its of the same caliber and closely associated with other T.K. subsidiaries and quite frankly this tune is a lot like an early K.C. and the Sunshine band sound. It also has that same Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke production feel although they are not noted on the credits. Its just that same old Miami magic shining through.
Also, while we're on the same subject, you may want to check out the movie about Clarence Reid. It's "The Weird World Of Blowfly"...While its enjoyable, its also quite depressing and somewhat upsetting. You'll see why, I'll keep my opinion and any spoilers out of the mix.


Enjoy this funky dancer from King Sporty....

King Sporty - Give You My Love

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jimmy Jones - Live And Let Live

I can't even comprehend that I haven't posted this one already..and I seriously hope thats not an oversight! You could look through the postings and BUST me for cheating! If I did already post it and this is a second 'pressing' pun intended..then I will make it up to you.. but, I'm hoping not.
I should have posted it a long time ago because its one of my all time favorite funk - anthem 45's.

It's got a really great message and although its not featuring any 'open' breaks its got that covered for the background a plenty. Those congas and the excellent keyboards make for a beautiful jam. I've always been partial to this formula of deep message, seeming that the singer truly cares in what he's preaching and the delicate touch of keys sprinkled throughout. It sounds the most like one of my fave Gil Scot Heron.

But, THIS is Jimmy Jones and he has some other interesting tunes as well. This is of course by all means my absolute favorite. This IS the same Jimmy Jones also called Jimmy 'Handyman' Jones, and who had a long career recordings sides for different labels, savoy, cub, and mgm. Nothing really took off for him and most people don't know of him, But he's LOVED by us in the deep soul community.
Sadly Jimmy passed away last year. Much like a LOT of heros in the funk and soul world.. some of those whom I didn't get around to covering and some that I did.. Jimmy Castor, Etta James.. the list seemed to go on forever.

Rest In Peace Jimmy Jones!
If you're up there reading this..WE LOVE YOU!

 Jimmy Jones - Live And Let Live

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marsha Hunt - (Oh No, Not) The Beast Day

Marsha Hunt went out with (maybe even was married to) a one T-Rex aka Marc Bolan. Welp, whooped tee doo. Maybe that's slightly trivial, but it is nice to know that when listening to T-rex and you hear her excellent voice all-over-the-place.

She was incredibly beautiful and she modeled all over the place as well. Yes, she's the one you see in gorgeous afros with those 60's twiggy like looks and poses. She also had quite an interesting musical career that played with psych, rock, pop and soul and even disco in the tail end. Mostly covers, and some excellent..even a John's Children cover.. 'Desdemona' and 'Walk On Guilded Splinters' she was aptly in the right pocket.

This is one of my favorite break heavy lady funk tunes. And, I think an original tune..maybe penned for her? it's excellent though. Enjoy!

Marsha Hunt - (Oh No, Not) The Beast Day

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Junior Tucker - Take A Message

Who is this kid? Another kid targeted and marketed for MJ appeal? Probably true. But, this jam is the roller of the summer. For months (during late last year) I was cruising around with the sunroof open, windows down and this song on blast. It got honorable play at our Sweater Funk Steppers gig as well. Not exactly a stepper, but close enough.

Truth is, this is probably more of a 'New Edition' kind of music marketing than MJ. Because Junior Tucker was born and raised in Jamaica and had a career mostly with Reggae and Dancehall. It seems only further proof that beautiful modern soul jams like this fit into the puzzle piece of what steppers are all about, at least on European soil. And, that is a close relation to Jamaica grooves of the same ambiance. At the end of the day this is just an incredibly beautiful jam. enjoy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snapp - Medusa

Probably the sickest 7 inch in my crates as of late. Especially in the hard hitting boogie department.
Although it would seem, just because the spelling is the exact same, that this is the same San Francisco boogie funk band SNAPP, with the two P's. But, it is not. At least as far as I could dissect.

This is one 45 that is dying to be heard and it's thunderous groove is very hypnotic. I'm glad to have nabbed one, and ever happier to share with you.

Snapp - Medusa

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wack Attack - 24 Hour Love Affair

Been way too long I know. But, back to it after almost a year. I know I dropped a post or two late last year, but not hardly the kind of trail blazing I really wanted to do. So, enough with the talk, the bullshit and excuses. Here's a treat like I know you've waited for.. and like I know you deserve.

Wack Attack was another Bud Weiser contest record. This group had immense potential, its really a crime that they only got this one side. But, what a fine slice of Ray Parker-esq genius it is. This slap synth bass line kills. The simple genius of these lyrics has got me doing that shower Karaoke where ever I am. Strickly boss boogie modern soul right hur.

Wack Attack - 24 Hour Love Affair