Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nohelani Cypreano - Lihue

Okay, so I must have been losing my mind or something, but I was up on the internet with my laptop in my lap, keeping warm and cozy on a rainy night, and surfing through the channels on tv at 3am. I had a moment of insanity when I realized I was watching Dog the bounty hunter. Yea, dog!
I've never seen the show before but it's apparently filmed in Hawaii. Dog's on a mission to rid the tropical paradise of it's current number one problem, Meth. So, I'm thinking of course about digging for records in Hawaii and first thing that comes to mind is Nohelani Cypreano.
One of the calmest, coolest lil' jammies I've come across. Is a gentle lil' summer funk ditty called 'Lihue'. It might not be summer yet, but we can be there in spirit. n-joy.

Nohelani Cypreano - Lihue

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Givin'

Gwen makes hot tracks. This is no doubt. But, this could be her hottest I've heard. It's a little bit latter in her career, but as a result it's beefed up with a fat synth bass line. It has a lot of the same formula she's used in her earlier gritty funk stuff. She's always had incredible output as a singer, always seeming to sing her heart out. 

'All This Love' is a dance floor heater and lately has been in all my sets. This is from her 'Melody Of Life' LP. Ah, the pleasure of having a blog. Now, I get to share these killer funk tracks with you. n-joy.   

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Way - Get Up

This has been my anthem lately. For me, it's complete pop lockin' bliss. I can't fight the un-controlable urge to bust right into Fred Berry 'Re-Run' moves where ever I may be. At the bus stop, the laundromat, in line at the bank. If I'm jamming it on my ipod anywhere you'll see me bust a move. 
BTW- The Photo here does not relate to One Way. In fact, I'm not sure what is going on exactly, but it caught my eye. There's a dude on a car with an M-16, four chicks on the bottom, and one is waving a peace sign. I'm a little confused. But, I like it. I guess it's all about infectious things this time. 
I finally tracked this down on on 12" and I'm in heaven. It's a lesser know joint by One Way, but could have easily been another one of their hits. It puzzles me that after all the success on stations like KISS FM with classics like "Cutie pie" they don't have time to spice things up with a sure fire hit like this. It did chart for awhile, but it's missing from many oldies funk comps, you know the low-rider funk comps. In fact, it's not on a lot of One Way Best of's. Btw, stations like KISS that play boogie, should have a late night spotlight on lesser known gems like this. Isn't it time for a show like that? Jon Blunk? Wut?
Go figure. And, go dance.

Space Man

I searched all over for this little 45. Mostly because I wanted to edit it. But, now hearing it in its entirety I see it needs no manipulation. Here is Ayisha - Space Man for you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Casco - Cybernetic Love

Big ups to Disco Bambina for putting me on to La Bionda's "I Wanna Be Your Lover". To her, this special dedication goes out to. From 1983 this proto-techno vocoder jam has been rattling my small apartment windows. Thanks to a pair of 18's courtesy of the Sullivan/Stinett sound system of course. Ha ha yeah!
Casco is Salvatore Cusato and is still out there mixing things up. You can find him on YouTube mixing italo tracks live in london clubs. This track only proves how much more 'Italo Disco' I've still yet to dig up. Also included here for your pleasure is the La Bionda track "I Wanna Be Your Lover". 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eddie 'Ski' White - Baby Be Mine

This is my homage to my main man Justin aka the S.O.B. He turned me on to this incredible joint, and he's been a pioneer for sick grooves from the moment we met. Always pushing the envelope, discovering gems, carving niches, and harvesting new interests he embodies what I consider to be empitome of an true artistic DJ.
I've danced in empty clubs when no one was ready for 80's boogie and had my wig peeled back at his house listening to crazy hippie funk jams. All around he's got an ear for sound that's undeniably creative and adventurous. He's not tied down to the restraints of what is already proven formula and continues to travel unto brighter atmospheres. I was just talking with him on the phone the other day encouraging him to start releasing his own compilations. Rest assured his contribution to this blog is only a matter of time.
I don't know much about Eddie 'Ski' White, but a little searching on the net yields this as a classic track. I had never heard it before but, it's punchy bass and snappy drums encased by beautiful harmonies make it classic in my book. Thanks Justin!

Valentines Day

Here's a track I've been searching for reasons to expose. 
It's long been a favorite AM radio jam of mine. 
I used the intro loop for one of my 'signing' projects, during my Michael McDonald faze. Unfortunately, my copy has suffered a little cue burn on BOTH sides! 
This is the better side and my offering for this rainy Valentines Day.
Don Goodwin - This is your song

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Night Force

Kay Gardner - Moon Circles

God Bless my mom. Raising me as a single mother in the early 70's must have been tuff. My upbringing in San Francisco from 1969 to 1981 was precious and irreplaceable. In fact, it was her records that dialed my tastes. Sure, she had all the usual suspects, the ones we all thumb past now in the dollar bins. But, it was her collection that enabled me to inherit gems like Jimmy McGriff's "Soul Sugar" and this fine hippy nugget, Kay Gardners "Moon Circles". A lot was going on in the womens' movement during the 70's and we now have a treasure trove of progressive womens music to enjoy. On a label called Wise Women Enterprises this flute, guitar, cello and hand drum record put me to sleep as a child many times. Hopefully it won't have that effect on you. But, if it gets close, then the desired effect is reached.
I've included one entire side of this LP, with both "Inner Moods", "Touching Souls" and "Lunamuse".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cool Notes!

One night last summer in L.A. I finally made it to mecca. My mecca was reaching a place called Carbon on Monday night hosted by none other than Dam-Funk. 'Funkmoshpere' had it all. Lockers, poppers and the most serious devotion to obscure and rare funk, modern, electro, italo and boogie I had yet to see. All of the elements that I myself had been delving into and researching were here. I was truly in heaven. Not to mention the complete warmth of all involved. Within minutes of meeting Dam he was on the mike announcing my arrival. Well, I had indeed arrived. After seeing him playing Messages from the Stars, and Danger Zone on youtube videos, I knew I had to check it out. You see I had been rocking these same tunes in my house, having no idea that they were being received anywhere, it was truly nice to see them getting exposure.

So, after that first magical night, and a summer filled with more magical nights at 'Funkmoshpere' I went back to my research. 
That first humid night at Dam's 'Funkmoshpere' I went home to a girlfriends small studio apartment and dug deep on the internet all night long. Yes, I dug there too. Had to go there didn't we. Somewhere around sunrise I stumbled upon The Cool Notes.
The Cool Notes have killer harmonies and a production sound that would make Dr. Dre jealous. They were the British version of New Edition and totally appealing in a pop group sense while commanding excellent 80's boogie grooves as well. 
Here's "You're never too young" which tops even the Mary Jane Girls, "I Don't Wanna Stop" another party rocking blister, and "My Love is Hot" the extreme smoker of the bunch and my current theme song.

The Funkmoshpere Promo Video

and Introducing..  The Cool Notes