Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eddie 'Ski' White - Baby Be Mine

This is my homage to my main man Justin aka the S.O.B. He turned me on to this incredible joint, and he's been a pioneer for sick grooves from the moment we met. Always pushing the envelope, discovering gems, carving niches, and harvesting new interests he embodies what I consider to be empitome of an true artistic DJ.
I've danced in empty clubs when no one was ready for 80's boogie and had my wig peeled back at his house listening to crazy hippie funk jams. All around he's got an ear for sound that's undeniably creative and adventurous. He's not tied down to the restraints of what is already proven formula and continues to travel unto brighter atmospheres. I was just talking with him on the phone the other day encouraging him to start releasing his own compilations. Rest assured his contribution to this blog is only a matter of time.
I don't know much about Eddie 'Ski' White, but a little searching on the net yields this as a classic track. I had never heard it before but, it's punchy bass and snappy drums encased by beautiful harmonies make it classic in my book. Thanks Justin!

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