Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Way - Get Up

This has been my anthem lately. For me, it's complete pop lockin' bliss. I can't fight the un-controlable urge to bust right into Fred Berry 'Re-Run' moves where ever I may be. At the bus stop, the laundromat, in line at the bank. If I'm jamming it on my ipod anywhere you'll see me bust a move. 
BTW- The Photo here does not relate to One Way. In fact, I'm not sure what is going on exactly, but it caught my eye. There's a dude on a car with an M-16, four chicks on the bottom, and one is waving a peace sign. I'm a little confused. But, I like it. I guess it's all about infectious things this time. 
I finally tracked this down on on 12" and I'm in heaven. It's a lesser know joint by One Way, but could have easily been another one of their hits. It puzzles me that after all the success on stations like KISS FM with classics like "Cutie pie" they don't have time to spice things up with a sure fire hit like this. It did chart for awhile, but it's missing from many oldies funk comps, you know the low-rider funk comps. In fact, it's not on a lot of One Way Best of's. Btw, stations like KISS that play boogie, should have a late night spotlight on lesser known gems like this. Isn't it time for a show like that? Jon Blunk? Wut?
Go figure. And, go dance.

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