Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soul Mind & Body - I Took Your Love (To Be True)

Sure I haven’t logged on here in a great while.. but, can I tell ya something? lately I’ve been TRYING to get on here and punch out a paragraph.. or three.. or four (you know how I do) and then I make some changes or revisions and then all of a sudden I’ve saved a version that has NOTHING IN IT. Maybe that’s why everyone has stopped using blogs. Or this blogspot brand in particular. I don’t know. shit gets me mad upset, then I just go the fuck to sleep and try a month or two later. But this event has happened to me TWICE. Fucking twice. Fucking twice I’ve logged on and tried to commit to sharing something new and fun, and blogspot has shut me down. Honestly I don’t even know what happened. One time I avoided it.. somehow I navigated back to a previously unclosed window on firefox and was able to save the day by selecting all of the text. Really, its my own fault and to prevent any loss in the future I will be hammering out all of my usual nonsense in a simple text program OFFLINE to prevent any possible stupid shit.


Here is a fantastic spin from Soul Mind and Body. Still under the radar but going up in price. Its a bad ass little jam similar to a monster of a track I’m looking for by Jerry something.. those that know, know. And, the rest will have to learn. ya gon learn today. I gotta get mines first. But, Peep the chimes and crazy synth going very faintly in this track. Its a great one. Brilliant top spin for me at the moment. Very home spun funk, and sounds like top shelf boogie to me. You can even hear the singer step away from the mic at one point. Recorded who knows where.. maybe in someones basement. But, an excellent offering I give up as a welcome back present. 
Just trying to get back on track with y’all.


Soul Mind & Body - I Took Your Love (To Be True)