Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Etta James - Fire

Been off the blog for a minute. Back at it. Trying to make up for lost time and present you with more dope and incredible music. However, this is the NEW face of the Sound Boutique blog. After many a copyright infringement and DMCA warning we have to handle our blog in a new manner. A bunch of our postings have been removed and/or deleted and our viewers have been unable to enjoy them. So, we'll be presenting future posts and all content from here on with YouTube videos. We will be posting videos on YouTube from our collection so you won't be getting just material that is already available there, but rather original content from us. At least that's the plan.
I do also suggest that our readers please continue to share with other readers by sharing links to the mp3 files as anonymous in the comments section. So, I suggest people look in the comments section for any or our posts.

Back to business as usual.

Etta James came onto the music scene LONG before I was born. And, it seems her musical legacy is ever lasting. I got introduced to her as a kid, as a young mod kid in fact, and her impact on me was tremendous. I forget which album it was that I was first introduced to, but I've stayed a long and true loyal fan of hers ever since. I'm pretty sure it was this album, but I'm not sure. It seems to me to be far too incredible and amazing LP of hers to have as a young teenager. But, it likely was.. and likely was a re-issue put out by Chess and purchased by me through Columbia Music House or Columbia Record Club.

As many of you know, she passed away earlier this year. Rumor had it she was sick for a while before her passing. Many folks throughout the soul community morned her passing. She was a absolute soul hero to all of us. Although LONG overdue here at the 'boutique' we want to have a moment of silence for our incredible soul sister Etta James.

I had originally intended to post this back in January of this year, what feels like almost a year ago now.
When I heard the samples of Etta in the Flo-rida song that my 11 year was listening to, I had to whip an education on her. After about 45 minutes of enjoying her music my daughter admitted she liked her. It was cool to give he a lesson of where things come from, the sampling of her decade likely will not be the same of my era.

On another note, I think a good indicator of a quality wedding deejay is whether they play the original version of 'At Last' by Etta, or the remake by Beyonce. I recently had to endure a horrible wedding deejay and amongst tons of other horrible music he played the far less superior Beyonce version, which to me is almost sacrilegious. Or, at least some kind of crime.

Today's offering is from a Cadet 45 from about 1968 or 1969. 'Fire' is a scorching tune,no pun intended. Not really a really one by her, and only a small sample of her immense career. But, back earlier this year it struck me as one tune I wanted to play in her honor at one of my gigs. So, here we are catching up with what we should have given you at the beginning of this year, not the almost end of it. Rest in peace Etta, you are greatly loved and appreciated.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Steneboofs - Simigwado

I've been getting my African records from a number different sources these days. So much good stuff has been coming my way. It is indeed a shame I haven't had the time to keep up with my own 'new arrivals' section and post them here.  But, here I am... trying to do my best to share, because some of this stuff is so damn good it's hard to deny sharing. The organizing and filing at my house has gone from bad to worse. Now being involved with the record shop I'm getting stuff I don't even need or want to put 'IN' the shop and I'm always taking home a treat or two from things I learn about or listen to AT the shop.
The one source I'm constantly still returning to and constantly in debt to is my friend Juan. I know I've done some nice things for him and been there his time of need for at least of few times, but now the shoe is on the other foot. I owe him both credit and proper respect and good ole cold hard cash. One of the records he slipped me at the last record show was this one by The Steneboofs. It's basically Gyedu Blay Ambolley recording this song under the group 'Steneboofs' for this particular release.
I don't know why and think it's quite strange that this song 'Simigwado' didn't make it on the Simigwa album.
Oh yeah, and THIS looks exceptionally interesting...

But, homie Juan has done some interesting stuff with his research and record digging in Africa. One thing in particular is his interview with Gyedu-Blay Ambolley.

check it out HERE>

I'm also thankful for the awesome Taran aka Fat Headphones for all the African goodness he's brought my way. He's brought some incredible items to the shop and laced me with some dope albums that will be on the pages of Sound Boutique very soon. Things like Joe Mensah, Goddy and one of my faves from Rick Asikpo.

You can check a nice write up about him HERE>

Steneboofs - Simigwado

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sumy - Soul With Milk

Couldn't help but post this song, although thoroughly all over the net everywhere else. Not exactly a Sound Boutique exclusive is what I mean. And, in fact recently we posted (just last month) another song by this artist.... 'Funking In Your Mind' by this Surinamese artist Sumy. This one is the best from this album, although as I mentioned last time I spoke of Sumy, he's incredibly talented and genre wise all over the freakin' place. And, again...don't get me wrong there's loads of interesting and wierdo fun tracks all over this album including an instrumental of this song called 'Milk Mix'. I did in fact try to track down Mr. Sumy to hopefully get an interview but, whatever web presence he has is outdated.

Sumy - Soul With Milk

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming

This song has been a huge tune for us at Sweaterfunk over the last several years. It's also been a tune that's evolved the Sweaterfunk crew toward the directions of steppers or two step songs. That's been a growing undercurrent for us in recent years. For me, alot of the intense 'boogie fever' that I've had has subsided yet only to be replaced for the love for the smooth slower tempos of two step. Even from our first 'mid-tempo' themed night with Dam Funk (which you can find a recording of right here on SB) we've known the direction of the smoother slower jams would win us over. Our 'Steppers' themed nights have been our version of Funkmosphere's 'mid-tempo' nights. It a place for us to really branch out and steer away from the usual throbbing disco beats, and fall back in the car seat and just ride.

Our annual MLK 'Steppers' Sunday this year was our third installment and as epic as ever. I'm quickly feeling like this direction into stepper land is soon to be the only direction I'm passionate about. Playing tunes to a packed house, a 3 day weekend crowd, and dropping nothing but unknown soul gems is a dream come true for us. It's what we live for.

This all on the heels of an excellent Father's Children release by the Numero Group folks. Beautifully packaged up like they always do including an extra 45 and 3 press photos. So we've found yet another musical group with a huge catalog and much needed exposure and appreciation...Father's Children is that one indeed.

Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming

Saturday, January 7, 2012

George and Gwen McCrae - The Rub

This tune brings back a lot of memories for me. Back sometime ago one of the DJ nights I did was called Sunday School. It wasn't 'school' in the sense that we were trying to 'school' folks, or that we were wearing out any terms like 'don't sleep' or crate diggin phrase-ology like that. But, more that we were on the tip of being devoted in the sense that it was like a religion to us. That we 'wanted' to learn. I gathered some of my favorite DJ's at the time, picked out some bands and did a variety of things musically and genre wise with the night. This was between our famed night at the Ivy under the same name as this blog, and the ultimate demise of said such club. It was the last ride. In fact we started the Sunday School sessions knowing that the club was going to close. I remember we had new wave bands with hip hop bands, and rock groups with salsa funk bands all with DJ's playing reggae, rare groove, disco and boogie. You can see now why it was called Sunday School. We were out to learn whatever could by throwing it all in the mix. And, again it was an extension of the similarly themed Sound Boutique night. One of the cats at Sunday school turned me Onto this track. Such a great tune. One of my favorite local hip hop acts The Coup sampled this tune. It's interesting all the things going on with the Occupy movement, and proud to say Oakland seems to continually be a championing area for OWS. Boots Reilly of The Coup is majorly active within Occupy Oakland and I'm hearing a lot about hip hops involvement in OWS. It's good to hear and I'm glad to see the popularity of conscious rap making a possible larger scale comeback. This is taking into perspective that the 'concious' part or rap has all but disappeared. It's definitely time for hip hop to make a come back. And, I welcome it with open arms. On the slight condition it be good again. :) I hope it IS on the return. Or perhaps that's too ambitious, maybe we should call it a final stand. If it is indeed the case, I may just listen to it again.

What I'm hearing in the new stuff I do like. And, I'm hearing a lot. We just bought a used car late last year and haven't modified the stereo set up, so we're stuck with only radio. That's both good and bad. Good because there's stations like KPFA And UC Berkeley's KALX here. But, bad cause I'm a guy who will constantly update the iPod with the hot songs of the week (all the shit I'm fiendy for, but haven't acquired yet) and I can't bump them in the car. Oh well. But, again this has been good. Because the news on KPFA is excellent. And, updates of OO and OWS are both exciting and depressing depending on any given day, but essential nonetheless.

So, here at Sound Boutique we present another sampled track, but moreover an essential rare groove and underplayed funk track from two of my favorite CAT label recording artists. Always happy to expose originals as they make a huge pile of stock here at the Sound Boutique. Our deadstock originals NWT - New with the tags on.

George and Gwen McCrae - The Rub

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer

This tune started creeping up and resurfacing again last summer and I happened to run across a few copies of both the 12 inch and this mini LP. It's seems we're all kind of collectively wishing it was summer time again, and the fog and cold would burn off and turn back into summer. I could truly go for another long hot summer. I'm hoping putting this song out there will be some kind of effective 'rain dance' wishing for sun and warmth instead of rain.
I always loved this song. I can remember buying the picture sleeve 7 inches right off the racks at the record store. I was just a kid then. Even back then, buying this new project, this new direction for The Jam's front man felt a bit liberating and the whole thing was definitely intriguing.
Paul Weller was a face of the highest caliber. He definitely typified the modern day mod in his day. He not only fully endorsed soul music, but he stepped out even further from his winning power pop group The Jam to validate a peculiar niche of modern soul. He did so right smack dab in the middle of modern soul's strongest era. In addition to the 60's soul the group was so obviously inspired by, you could tell Paul and council member Mick Talbot were listening to 80's Marvin Gaye and the likes of groups like Loose Ends. To my conservative and square mod purist friends that can't handle things like synths and drum machine...give it a chance... you CAN handle it. Just like Paul Weller did. And quite well.
Shiddy ditty ditty de bop.

Long Hot Summer Video

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ray Barretto - Ritmo Sabroso

I don't cover enough Salsa and Latin Boogaloo on this site. At least not as much as I would really like. I wish this blog could be a full time job, but it doesn't pay the bills. Also, writing is a funny thing, if you're not feeling it, then it can be hard to put it to paper. So getting into the spirit of sharing music for me..EASY, getting around to writing a post.. a little more WORK sometimes.

So, in my efforts to post some more 'Latin' I'm offering this fine Ray Barretto tune. It's the flip side of 'El Watusi' which was pinnacle for me and my paths into 'Latin Soul' back in the day of all the Charley 'Caliente' reissues that I got into. It's interesting to me that was so long ago now, and the young cats I see into 'Latin' rare groove are so much more evolved and deeper than me. The game, just like with everything else it seems, has advance and evolved. And, it was a young cat Cameron Thompson who brought my attention to this flip side. He's a new seller at the record shop and has brought in a ton of tasty Latin, Cumbia, Salsa and treats from all over the globe.

It's crazy to me to think these records (We Got Latin Soul Vol 1-3) were back in 1987-88. I was way into this sound back when they first came out. In fact originally all I had was the compilations. It was a bit later that I started to surface the originals. And, got turned on many others through my friend and record dealer Peter (Pete da Greek), that story will flower out of me at some point here. Because Pete had amazing stories and pictures of New York Salsa scene during that time period. Even crazier for me to see the SPEED label stuff come out as re-issues. Man, those LP's were like holy grails..I suppose they still are. But, enough of my walk down memory lane.

I got to meet the great Ray Barretto and see him perform at Yoshi's in Oakland back in the late 80's or early 90's. He was another of those artist who while signing my copy of one of his records gave me that completely puzzled look as if I was from another planet. This was another example of me bringing some ancient relic of album art to his attention. Something that, back then wasn't as much yet a common occurrence. I forget which LP cover it was, and right now I wish I knew, or rather knew where it was. Back when Yoshi's was on Claremont Ave., it was really easy to meet and hang with the artists in the lounge upstairs. It's funny I'm actually on my way to the new Yoshi's in Jack London Square this evening, but we'll talk about that later.
Enjoy this nice, short and beautiful salsa from one of the true masters.

Ray Barretto - Ritmo Sabroso

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Harry Templeton - Baby

Again, another tune I don't know a thing about. But, it's a nice mellow modern soul number with some simple drum machine and nice horn arrangements. Modern soul from 1982 out of the Los Angeles area. Has a style similar to what was being played and created in the L.A. area around that time. In fact sounds a bit like the grooves of Homeboy and the C.O.L. and a few other L.A. acts. I can imagine L.A. lockers doing their thing to this track.

We hope you enjoy this one!

Harry Templeton - Baby

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cyril Neville - Gossip

Just a nice funk banger from one of the first family of the funk nation, the Meters and Neville family. I brought this to Lower Bottoms the other night and never got around to play it. So, another plug for the Lower Bottoms party and this incredible funk 45.
This came out in two issues, one as a promo with 'Gossip' on both sides, and another pressing with another incredible tune "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" on the flip. Both songs are massive funk tunes and additional pieces to the overall huge Meters story.
Again, this Lower Bottoms party is easily the best party in the east bay. Always packed, filled with a diverse crowd, and folks are always geared for feverish dancing.

Major props to Bobby for designing this killer flyer!
We'll revisit this 45 again in the future to expose this b-side. But, for now enjoy 'Gossip' and its crazy heavy metal style funk groove complete with electric sitar twangin' throughout. Cyril is still performing around the world with his group Galactic and still doing BOTH of these songs!

Cyril Neville - Gossip

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ersen - Sor Kendine

Hello, and Happy New Year folks. It's good to be back. I picked this up last year at the Santa Cruz record show. I sold a small two boxes at that show and picked up quite a few gems. A few boogie tunes and a small handfull of Turkish Rock 45's. Turkish Rock is completely genius and I've sung the Turk-Rock praises before. All of my travels into the world of heavy rock and psych from Turkey have been fruitful. Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, 3 Hur-el, and now the savage head nodding rock of Ersen.

Ersen has gained some honorable mention and appearance on comps largely for the type of heavy break laden tunes like Gunese Don Cicegim. This is another gem of Ersen's and disguised in a Elton John rip off picture cover sleeve.

It's psych rock with eastern tinges and lesser heard instruments. Always pretty funky, rhythm heavy grooves and almost mathematical rock constructs. Somehow 60's psych and influences like Black Sabbath made its waves on the shores of Turkey, made an incredible impression and never left. And, I mean NEVER left. Turkey adopted the true spirit of psych rock for a lifetime committment and raised it like it's own.

Check out this killer clip of Ersen performing this song...

This tune was one of the 45's I picked up at the record show, which was the last record swap I made it out for in 2011. I hope you enjoy this tune and please seek out the other Turkish Rock posts I have on this blog. I know I've posted something here by Erkin Koray Or Baris Manco but I can't recall which or where at the moment. There will also Be more Turkish Rock from Sound Boutique in the near future.

Oh! And another small important tidbit...I'll be post dating these next few posts including this one to days earlier in the year. Not as to claim I've been more productive, but rather to have more room for posts to appear in their own column. We will be posting everything again as a tradition on our three year anniversary which is coming up quickly as well.

Ersen - Sor Kendine