Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer

This tune started creeping up and resurfacing again last summer and I happened to run across a few copies of both the 12 inch and this mini LP. It's seems we're all kind of collectively wishing it was summer time again, and the fog and cold would burn off and turn back into summer. I could truly go for another long hot summer. I'm hoping putting this song out there will be some kind of effective 'rain dance' wishing for sun and warmth instead of rain.
I always loved this song. I can remember buying the picture sleeve 7 inches right off the racks at the record store. I was just a kid then. Even back then, buying this new project, this new direction for The Jam's front man felt a bit liberating and the whole thing was definitely intriguing.
Paul Weller was a face of the highest caliber. He definitely typified the modern day mod in his day. He not only fully endorsed soul music, but he stepped out even further from his winning power pop group The Jam to validate a peculiar niche of modern soul. He did so right smack dab in the middle of modern soul's strongest era. In addition to the 60's soul the group was so obviously inspired by, you could tell Paul and council member Mick Talbot were listening to 80's Marvin Gaye and the likes of groups like Loose Ends. To my conservative and square mod purist friends that can't handle things like synths and drum machine...give it a chance... you CAN handle it. Just like Paul Weller did. And quite well.
Shiddy ditty ditty de bop.

Long Hot Summer Video

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer

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