Monday, January 2, 2012

Cyril Neville - Gossip

Just a nice funk banger from one of the first family of the funk nation, the Meters and Neville family. I brought this to Lower Bottoms the other night and never got around to play it. So, another plug for the Lower Bottoms party and this incredible funk 45.
This came out in two issues, one as a promo with 'Gossip' on both sides, and another pressing with another incredible tune "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" on the flip. Both songs are massive funk tunes and additional pieces to the overall huge Meters story.
Again, this Lower Bottoms party is easily the best party in the east bay. Always packed, filled with a diverse crowd, and folks are always geared for feverish dancing.

Major props to Bobby for designing this killer flyer!
We'll revisit this 45 again in the future to expose this b-side. But, for now enjoy 'Gossip' and its crazy heavy metal style funk groove complete with electric sitar twangin' throughout. Cyril is still performing around the world with his group Galactic and still doing BOTH of these songs!

Cyril Neville - Gossip

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