Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming

This song has been a huge tune for us at Sweaterfunk over the last several years. It's also been a tune that's evolved the Sweaterfunk crew toward the directions of steppers or two step songs. That's been a growing undercurrent for us in recent years. For me, alot of the intense 'boogie fever' that I've had has subsided yet only to be replaced for the love for the smooth slower tempos of two step. Even from our first 'mid-tempo' themed night with Dam Funk (which you can find a recording of right here on SB) we've known the direction of the smoother slower jams would win us over. Our 'Steppers' themed nights have been our version of Funkmosphere's 'mid-tempo' nights. It a place for us to really branch out and steer away from the usual throbbing disco beats, and fall back in the car seat and just ride.

Our annual MLK 'Steppers' Sunday this year was our third installment and as epic as ever. I'm quickly feeling like this direction into stepper land is soon to be the only direction I'm passionate about. Playing tunes to a packed house, a 3 day weekend crowd, and dropping nothing but unknown soul gems is a dream come true for us. It's what we live for.

This all on the heels of an excellent Father's Children release by the Numero Group folks. Beautifully packaged up like they always do including an extra 45 and 3 press photos. So we've found yet another musical group with a huge catalog and much needed exposure and appreciation...Father's Children is that one indeed.

Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming

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