Friday, January 8, 2010

Sylvia - Sho 'nuff Boogie

Sylvia, aka Sylvia Robinson and this joint "Sho 'nuff Boogie" is one of my secret weapons. Just the kinda shit you wanna drop late at nite. It's late as hell now, as I'm writing this. This is smoothed out sexy soul that borders so close on the sleaze factor that it's almost scary. This is the same Sylvia that recorded 'Pillow Talk' and even farther back recorded 'Love Is Strange' as Mickey And Sylvia. She's been in the game a long time. Her 'Pillow Talk' LP has, what I believe to be, a not-so flattering picture of her. As does all of her early LP's. Often clad in lingerie or silk nighties. But, we often judge women artists on looks, before the talent is really on the table. And, Sylvia has loads of talent, charm, and musical savvy. She had her hands in so many projects both with producing and/or writing.
Many people don't know that in addition to having great contributions with labels like Stang, Vibration and All Platinum, she was one of the founders of the Sugar Hill label. Additionally, she's credited for having masterminded the all time monster hits "The Message" and "Rapper's Delight". She's one of those rare individuals that behind the curtain, out of the lime lite, and unknown to most, she's left a legacy.
The male vocals here feature The Moments who at several times were Sylvia's label mates. They recorded "The Next Time I See You" with her as well.
'Sho 'nuff Boogie' appears to only have been released on 45. However, I'm including this LP picture from a very rare issue LP of hers. Not even too sure of whether its a legit release. It may be a re-issue, using a pic from a rare 45 picture sleeve. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. But, the cover is a winner. And, so is the song. I found this LP after a long starving for it, after having only seen it on British want lists and Japanese rare groove guides. Also, here's Sylvia performing "Sweet Stuff" on 'Soul Train' from Daily Motion.

Sylvia - Sho 'nuff Boogie

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flashback 45's - Deep Funk Favorites

Although this isn't the first post of the year, it is my Happy New Years post. So, here's to you and an amazing New Year. While we look into the future and start a new decade, I'd like to take a look back. This isn't much of a diversion if you've been following our blog. We usually only highlight older recordings, or at least never anything recorded recently.

More like a vinyl graveyard if you will. This is more of a personal retrospective for me. These are three cuts that represent a sample of the sound that I tried to emulate when I used to DJ. My love of deep funk or heavy funk lasted many, many years, probably upwards of close to twenty years actually. So, here's my New Years present for you, three undisputed, heavy weight, 45 only, funk tracks. Straight from my library. The Barons, Bobby Franklin, and Eddie Bo. All highly aggressive, mean and dirty funk tunes. A real representation of what I played before I became obsessed with italo, cosmic, boogie, modern and disco. As usual, I say to you: enjoy.

The Barons - Making It Better
Bobby Franklin's Insanity - Bring It On Down
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - Lover And A Friend

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Willie Mitchell Tribute!

Willie was behind so many of our beloved Al Green classics, as well as joints by Ann Peebles, Otis Clay, and Syl Johnson. His passing makes me have a stronger urge to see Al Green live in concert. I think we need to support our musical heros while we can. I've included a few Willie tracks to pay our respects. "Bum Daddy" is classic Barkays type stuff. "That Driving Beat" is a mod floor filler in a complete Jr Walker style. Willie was a super great unsung hero, a behind the curtain champion of the southern soul sound. We will greatly miss you! P.S. I highly recommend "The Gospel According To Al Green" very, very friggin' awesome. Many incredible and intimate moments with Al and Willie.

Willie Mitchell - Bum Daddy
Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat