Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flashback 45's - Deep Funk Favorites

Although this isn't the first post of the year, it is my Happy New Years post. So, here's to you and an amazing New Year. While we look into the future and start a new decade, I'd like to take a look back. This isn't much of a diversion if you've been following our blog. We usually only highlight older recordings, or at least never anything recorded recently.

More like a vinyl graveyard if you will. This is more of a personal retrospective for me. These are three cuts that represent a sample of the sound that I tried to emulate when I used to DJ. My love of deep funk or heavy funk lasted many, many years, probably upwards of close to twenty years actually. So, here's my New Years present for you, three undisputed, heavy weight, 45 only, funk tracks. Straight from my library. The Barons, Bobby Franklin, and Eddie Bo. All highly aggressive, mean and dirty funk tunes. A real representation of what I played before I became obsessed with italo, cosmic, boogie, modern and disco. As usual, I say to you: enjoy.

The Barons - Making It Better
Bobby Franklin's Insanity - Bring It On Down
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - Lover And A Friend

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that Barons track. SO great!! and Eddie Bo too. Your love of deep funk infected me for many years as well. xo