Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Willie Mitchell Tribute!

Willie was behind so many of our beloved Al Green classics, as well as joints by Ann Peebles, Otis Clay, and Syl Johnson. His passing makes me have a stronger urge to see Al Green live in concert. I think we need to support our musical heros while we can. I've included a few Willie tracks to pay our respects. "Bum Daddy" is classic Barkays type stuff. "That Driving Beat" is a mod floor filler in a complete Jr Walker style. Willie was a super great unsung hero, a behind the curtain champion of the southern soul sound. We will greatly miss you! P.S. I highly recommend "The Gospel According To Al Green" very, very friggin' awesome. Many incredible and intimate moments with Al and Willie.

Willie Mitchell - Bum Daddy
Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat

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