Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amadeo - Real Magic

I can't seem to budge from my current obscession with 'cosmic'. So, here's yet another tasty track. Have we asseessed that the majority of these 'cosmic' tunes are completely crazy yet? This is on the french label "Disques Ibach", yet from the looks of him Amadeo could be from Turkey, Tibet, or the Phillipines. I have a strong affinity for records with odd accents. Like, for example one of my favorite bands, The Shocking blue. Or, perhaps the prince of italo boogie Ago, with the lp "For You". All of those have a special edge to the vocals. It's that slight imperfection in the accent that I love. I suppose the accent isn't that strong in the entire song, but Amadeo appears to be, in this song at least, the definitive weirdo.
For me, this track walks the fine line somewhere in between Clockwork Orange and Logan's Run. Perhaps with a little Rollerball thrown in for good measure. Or, a song straight out of "The Apple"

Amadeo - Real Magic

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  1. Good to hear that I am not alone in my affinity for cosmic disco tracks with strange weird accents (and often they go hand in hand with strange bizarre covers as is the case with this track, its so strangely beautiful). This track is a complete winner in this regard, never heard it before but god its funky and the way he splats the words out are a joy to behold.
    My personal favourite is the 1977 Baciotti album "Blackjack". Most people know the title track and the 12 & 7 Inch versions of said title track (which in my I know nothing opinion is one of the greatest tracks ever made) but the other tracks on the album "Music Solo, Velvet Lies & Fly" make your jaw drop in their vocal shinnanigans. The other great contenders for weird cosmic vocals are of course my two favourite Frenchies, JP Massiera & the Black Devil himself Bernard Fevre, over the years they have created some monsterous vocal tracks as I am sure you and your readers are more than aware!

    - Music Solo - Velvet Lies - Fly