Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zazu - Captain Starlight

Ok, I have to correct what I posted two posts ago. My answer to the question of defining what is 'cosmic' was the Phill & Friends Band track 'This Man'. Well, while it IS a monster track, and it most certainly is flying out there in outer space, it already may be time to relinquish that title. Because, "Captain Starlight" by Zazu may just be the definitive 'cosmic' track. I can clearly see I may be setting myself up here, because lately I'm spending time rifling through my LP's and there are lots of goodies to be posted here soon. I'm quite comfortable eating my own words. Maybe enjoying them with Fava Beans and a fine Chianti. Back to this track, it has it all. Once again epic in proportion, this rock-disco 'masterpiece' is the brain child of German pop weirdo Frank Zander. Lush strings start it out, robot voices narrate, a massive pink floyd-dark moon side middle, and somewhere throughout the future funk is born. It's like a massive horror space movie soundtrack at times, straight deep cosmic funk at others. You can find the German language version below and have fun counting how many times it sounds like he says "Schitz". We all know how tough it is to have a bad case of the schitz. Frank Zander made several other weirdo/comedy joints and currently records specialty birthday songs with your name in them while living comfortably in Ibiza.

Zazu - Captain Starlight

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