Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away

Friday Nite Special: Well, it's a Friday night here in not-so sunny California and I feel like embellishing you with a sure fire treat. Those of you grazin' through music blogs on a Friday nite. Just a little treat for my peeps out there.. hope you enjoy.

This little 45 is a two title belt holder. It's got the title of being quite possibly the rarest Meter's related 45 AND the title belt of one of the finest boogie tracks ever made. Its completely smooth, sultry and slick as fuck. It completely encapsulates the true boogie sound. It's not funk, it's not modern, it's not soul, it's not's utterly Boogie. Thus holding the title belt for the quintessential boogie tune. It shows the direction the Meters/Neville Brothers could have been headed at the time, if under the command of Ivan. 'Dance Your Blues Away' is an ode to positivity, (free your mind of all your troubles) and the diversity among people and crowds as well (from cowboy boots to a 3 piece suit). It's delicate syncopation also illustrates how boogie wanted to separate itself from funk and disco, branching off into something new, something unknown. Totally charming. It's on Cookie Records from 1979 and rare as shhhhht. There's also an even rarer picture sleeve for it, although it's artwork only and no actual picture. Happy hunting folks. That's if you HAVE to have it like I did. Big thanks to Jon Blunck for hipping me to this track and hopefully completing my Meters collection for once and all.

Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away


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