Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Standing Room Only - Star From The Sky

From a tasty little indie/private press modern soul and boogie lp comes "Star From The Sky". It's a jammin' little Earth Wind and Fire sounding tune. You'll have to bear with some real bacon being made on this one. My copy is dog-eared and has equally 'trampled on' wax. But, none the less it's playable through and through. And, represents well such small time unknown bands like this. Hard as shit to find and treasured among collectors, once you hear this you'll understand why. The rest of the LP is chock full of other good groove tunes and overall positivity. "Heart and Soul" is a breath of fresh air. Then, and even now after all these years. Standing Room Only are from Richmond, VA. and this LP is from 1982. Possibly their only LP, I'm not sure. Just glad to have it in my clutches. But, without a doubt posted here for you and other rare groove junkies to enjoy.

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