Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ersen - Sor Kendine

Hello, and Happy New Year folks. It's good to be back. I picked this up last year at the Santa Cruz record show. I sold a small two boxes at that show and picked up quite a few gems. A few boogie tunes and a small handfull of Turkish Rock 45's. Turkish Rock is completely genius and I've sung the Turk-Rock praises before. All of my travels into the world of heavy rock and psych from Turkey have been fruitful. Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, 3 Hur-el, and now the savage head nodding rock of Ersen.

Ersen has gained some honorable mention and appearance on comps largely for the type of heavy break laden tunes like Gunese Don Cicegim. This is another gem of Ersen's and disguised in a Elton John rip off picture cover sleeve.

It's psych rock with eastern tinges and lesser heard instruments. Always pretty funky, rhythm heavy grooves and almost mathematical rock constructs. Somehow 60's psych and influences like Black Sabbath made its waves on the shores of Turkey, made an incredible impression and never left. And, I mean NEVER left. Turkey adopted the true spirit of psych rock for a lifetime committment and raised it like it's own.

Check out this killer clip of Ersen performing this song...

This tune was one of the 45's I picked up at the record show, which was the last record swap I made it out for in 2011. I hope you enjoy this tune and please seek out the other Turkish Rock posts I have on this blog. I know I've posted something here by Erkin Koray Or Baris Manco but I can't recall which or where at the moment. There will also Be more Turkish Rock from Sound Boutique in the near future.

Oh! And another small important tidbit...I'll be post dating these next few posts including this one to days earlier in the year. Not as to claim I've been more productive, but rather to have more room for posts to appear in their own column. We will be posting everything again as a tradition on our three year anniversary which is coming up quickly as well.

Ersen - Sor Kendine

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