Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ray Barretto - Ritmo Sabroso

I don't cover enough Salsa and Latin Boogaloo on this site. At least not as much as I would really like. I wish this blog could be a full time job, but it doesn't pay the bills. Also, writing is a funny thing, if you're not feeling it, then it can be hard to put it to paper. So getting into the spirit of sharing music for me..EASY, getting around to writing a post.. a little more WORK sometimes.

So, in my efforts to post some more 'Latin' I'm offering this fine Ray Barretto tune. It's the flip side of 'El Watusi' which was pinnacle for me and my paths into 'Latin Soul' back in the day of all the Charley 'Caliente' reissues that I got into. It's interesting to me that was so long ago now, and the young cats I see into 'Latin' rare groove are so much more evolved and deeper than me. The game, just like with everything else it seems, has advance and evolved. And, it was a young cat Cameron Thompson who brought my attention to this flip side. He's a new seller at the record shop and has brought in a ton of tasty Latin, Cumbia, Salsa and treats from all over the globe.

It's crazy to me to think these records (We Got Latin Soul Vol 1-3) were back in 1987-88. I was way into this sound back when they first came out. In fact originally all I had was the compilations. It was a bit later that I started to surface the originals. And, got turned on many others through my friend and record dealer Peter (Pete da Greek), that story will flower out of me at some point here. Because Pete had amazing stories and pictures of New York Salsa scene during that time period. Even crazier for me to see the SPEED label stuff come out as re-issues. Man, those LP's were like holy grails..I suppose they still are. But, enough of my walk down memory lane.

I got to meet the great Ray Barretto and see him perform at Yoshi's in Oakland back in the late 80's or early 90's. He was another of those artist who while signing my copy of one of his records gave me that completely puzzled look as if I was from another planet. This was another example of me bringing some ancient relic of album art to his attention. Something that, back then wasn't as much yet a common occurrence. I forget which LP cover it was, and right now I wish I knew, or rather knew where it was. Back when Yoshi's was on Claremont Ave., it was really easy to meet and hang with the artists in the lounge upstairs. It's funny I'm actually on my way to the new Yoshi's in Jack London Square this evening, but we'll talk about that later.
Enjoy this nice, short and beautiful salsa from one of the true masters.

Ray Barretto - Ritmo Sabroso


  1. Great post. I wonder if you know where i can download this one: