Saturday, January 7, 2012

George and Gwen McCrae - The Rub

This tune brings back a lot of memories for me. Back sometime ago one of the DJ nights I did was called Sunday School. It wasn't 'school' in the sense that we were trying to 'school' folks, or that we were wearing out any terms like 'don't sleep' or crate diggin phrase-ology like that. But, more that we were on the tip of being devoted in the sense that it was like a religion to us. That we 'wanted' to learn. I gathered some of my favorite DJ's at the time, picked out some bands and did a variety of things musically and genre wise with the night. This was between our famed night at the Ivy under the same name as this blog, and the ultimate demise of said such club. It was the last ride. In fact we started the Sunday School sessions knowing that the club was going to close. I remember we had new wave bands with hip hop bands, and rock groups with salsa funk bands all with DJ's playing reggae, rare groove, disco and boogie. You can see now why it was called Sunday School. We were out to learn whatever could by throwing it all in the mix. And, again it was an extension of the similarly themed Sound Boutique night. One of the cats at Sunday school turned me Onto this track. Such a great tune. One of my favorite local hip hop acts The Coup sampled this tune. It's interesting all the things going on with the Occupy movement, and proud to say Oakland seems to continually be a championing area for OWS. Boots Reilly of The Coup is majorly active within Occupy Oakland and I'm hearing a lot about hip hops involvement in OWS. It's good to hear and I'm glad to see the popularity of conscious rap making a possible larger scale comeback. This is taking into perspective that the 'concious' part or rap has all but disappeared. It's definitely time for hip hop to make a come back. And, I welcome it with open arms. On the slight condition it be good again. :) I hope it IS on the return. Or perhaps that's too ambitious, maybe we should call it a final stand. If it is indeed the case, I may just listen to it again.

What I'm hearing in the new stuff I do like. And, I'm hearing a lot. We just bought a used car late last year and haven't modified the stereo set up, so we're stuck with only radio. That's both good and bad. Good because there's stations like KPFA And UC Berkeley's KALX here. But, bad cause I'm a guy who will constantly update the iPod with the hot songs of the week (all the shit I'm fiendy for, but haven't acquired yet) and I can't bump them in the car. Oh well. But, again this has been good. Because the news on KPFA is excellent. And, updates of OO and OWS are both exciting and depressing depending on any given day, but essential nonetheless.

So, here at Sound Boutique we present another sampled track, but moreover an essential rare groove and underplayed funk track from two of my favorite CAT label recording artists. Always happy to expose originals as they make a huge pile of stock here at the Sound Boutique. Our deadstock originals NWT - New with the tags on.

George and Gwen McCrae - The Rub

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