Sunday, February 22, 2009

Space Man

I searched all over for this little 45. Mostly because I wanted to edit it. But, now hearing it in its entirety I see it needs no manipulation. Here is Ayisha - Space Man for you.


  1. hmm, thats not the right link. ;)

    i hope you'll fix that as im really looking forward to hear that ayisha track! thanks in advance for sharing.

    where did you find this 45, lucky guy?

  2. All fixed CC! Hope you enjoy and thanks for pointing that out!

    I don't remember, but I believe I scored it on eBay.


  3. Wow! This is such a perfect slice of late seventies cosmic disco and the subject matter makes this utterly joyus...any chance at all of posting this track in all its 320 bitrate glory..I am astonished that I have never come across this track nor has it featured on any compilations nor is there even a copy going on Discogs!
    I agree with you that its perfect without an edit but "Space Kudo" went ahead and did it and while not hugely deviating from the original, its still sounds pretty wonderful:
    Its the first track at the moment, I have only just discovered the blog and s/he has some amazing re-edits.
    Jut had a look at some more of your releases, an impressive array of discoid splendidness.

    Love Makes Me Laugh

  4. Please note: Ayisha - Space Man is available as 10" EP /// Release date:15.12.2010 on "private records" ( featuring a bonus Edit by Veit himself!!!