Monday, February 18, 2013

Wack Attack - 24 Hour Love Affair

Been way too long I know. But, back to it after almost a year. I know I dropped a post or two late last year, but not hardly the kind of trail blazing I really wanted to do. So, enough with the talk, the bullshit and excuses. Here's a treat like I know you've waited for.. and like I know you deserve.

Wack Attack was another Bud Weiser contest record. This group had immense potential, its really a crime that they only got this one side. But, what a fine slice of Ray Parker-esq genius it is. This slap synth bass line kills. The simple genius of these lyrics has got me doing that shower Karaoke where ever I am. Strickly boss boogie modern soul right hur.

Wack Attack - 24 Hour Love Affair

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