Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gregory Jolly - What'em Doing Is My Business

This is a seriously bad ass cut. It's smooth and fauwnky as hell. The organ and guitar work together to create a wall of syncopation like some kind of sweet subtle genius I've rarely ever heard. It seems to be yet another one of these solid pimp anthems, like a bad ass super fly disco theme. Mellow, yet hard as hell. It comes with two certified stamps of approval in the funk and disco world, being produced by none other than Calvin Arnold and arranged by famed disco head honcho Tommy Stewart. A secret weapon created by disco kings if you will. Definitely a rare piece in the Tommy Stewart collection.

Tommy Stewart
It's a big grail in my eyes, but doesn't exactly have the recognition of being that of true grail status, mostly due to being relatively unknown. Which I think has proved to help me obtain this copy. Now that I'm letting the cat out of the bag and sharing this, I expect it will climb in price and prove to be even more elusive. I've posted a few sweet nuggets that have had minimal exposure, for example, with no known YouTube action, and then watched them surprise me with exhaustive pricing on eBay. That's not so good for those hunting these records, but good for me. At least it shows that folks are listening and watching what we do. But, like the song says...'What'em Doing Is My Business' and that's for real.

Gregory Jolly - What'em Doing Is My Business

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