Friday, March 20, 2009

Rachel Sweet - It's So Different Here

Rachel Sweet had a fairly prolific and versatile career. She was capable of pulling it off, whether rock, country, soul, punk or jazz. She was discovered doing country tunes in the Nashville area sounding like a young Dolly Parton. At the time of her debut record on the Stiff label she was only 15 years old. She was rumored to have already been in the 'biz' for ten years! Her stylings at that time were based on common contemporaries like Elvis Costello, The Clash and Ian Dury. But, she later dabbled in jazz with songs like "Tonight Ricky" and covered songs by the Ronnettes, the Crystals and Carla Thomas. "So Different" is a venture from the others on her hit 1978 LP "Fool Around". It's a trippy venture into a far off land where women go walking with water jars, with no phones or cars. Quoted as a sample for the Beatnuts, it holds its own as a nice laid back groover for the late night head nod crowd. I especially favor tunes like this, with interesting production, devoid of classification, and hold their own as a solid tune from start to finish. Not often can a sampled song be so rich with texture but still be palatable from start to finish. Strangely there are edits of this song out there, but here at soundboutique you'll always find gems like this ripped from original wax and unaltered.


  1. wildwood salloon is pretty good too

  2. Fantastic track, the base for WE GOT THE FUNK, by BEATNUTS

  3. Really nice vocals, a track with a unique edge for sure, haven't heard another like it...