Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ish - Faster Than A Speeding Bullit

Somewhere along this wonderful musical ride myself and a few other record collectors started surfacing "Hippie Soul" and "Folk Funk" cuts. We only put them into a catagory when we found certain tracks that had that certain something similar. We didn't always coin the phrases, but when they were found or created we reveled in their accuracy. I don't believe in 'catagories' but when you've been diggin up records and they strike a similar theme, you're overjoyed to have discovered a whole new genre. And, to be able to "give it a name' helps communicate it to others. One thing is true about 'theme-ing or 'catagorizing' new ventures, is you realize if you're found a few, there's always many more. Thankfully many records inspired many others, so when you find a new pocket, you're overjoyed. Myself and my man D.C. in NYC ('bout time you had a shout on here!) went back and forth for many years referencing to each other various tunes as we put the puzzle pieces together. Our tastes in "Hippie Soul" and "Folk Funk" morphed into "Space Funk" with the help of cuts "For Your Love", and "Without Love" by Peter Brown. And, tunes like Jan Hammers "Don't You Know" helped evolve "Hippie Soul" into "Future Funk" and then into "Cosmic".
Ish is a solo effort LP from Ish Ledesma, a member of the group "Foxy" and "OXO". Speaking of Harvey in the last post, this is from the same LP with "Don't Stop" which is a classic spin of his. I've included it as well. But, "Faster Thank A Speeding Bullit" is a very 'spaced out' almost Donovan-y sounding tune. It encompasses a lot of tasty elements and combines a lot catagories mentioned here. It's hard to describe, yet quite tasty, as you'll soon find out. I'll have all the other tracks mentioned in this up very soon as well. So, look out for the dope Peter Brown and Jan Hammer cuts soon to come.

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