Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Junior Byron - Woman - DJ HARVEY AT OASIS

The First time I saw DJ Harvey, not only did I bear witness to one of the most versatile and creative DJ's I had EVER seen, but Harvey had the misfortune of having to hammer some fools' head in. Harvey's set was all about love, and love for the music. He played a wide array of styles all seemless and smooth. His mixing was immaculate and the use of the reel to reel delay effects was cute enough. He blended Afro, psych, disco, hippie, folk, new wave and funk and all to a head nodding beat. So nice to see someone put it together so well. I saw then what all the hype was about. Somewhere after 2am there was confusion, there was tension, words were said, some shoving went on, some girl bumped the turntables, skipped a song, and Harvey was attacked. Harvey handled himself extremely well. Just as good behind the decks as he did throwing those decks atop this sorry blokes head. Never in my wildest dreams would the commander of such loving jams have to distribute such foolery to those that deserved it. 'Jesus of the good groove' had to bust a cap. But he got back on the decks and continued to rock the house like nothing happened. Back to the disco love and it was all magic again.

Last time I saw Harvey, he played a tune that re-worked a cut by Junior Byron called "Woman". I think the Barrabas did the tune first, but Junior takes it to the cosmic next level. I prefer this original to the remix that Harvey played, but all due respect. This is actually the flip of the very nice "Dance To The Music" both of which, in sound at least, have great similarities to where Eddy Grant was headed. Both cuts have that afro cosmic appeal, a sound that Harvey promotes heavily. Here's Junior Byron's "Woman" in its original zanny form. A true electro cosmic afro freak out indeed.

Junior Byron - Woman

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