Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lynsey de Paul - Sugar Me

It sounds to me as though Lynsey de Paul's "Sugar Me" is lifted right out of a Gilbert O'Sullivan songbook. But, she was a prolific song writer in her own right and still is active in the music bizz. She was in fact on the same label MAM. "Sugar Me" has gorgeous sound effects and a haunting pulsating feel. The production is thunderous folk pop and snaps right through the speakers giving todays sound a run for its money. Just listen to this through a heavy system with a good low end and you'll see what I mean.
I discovered it on a compilation of euro-pop and was sold on it immediately. It became a staple of my folk funk and hippie soul sets. Trust me, this is one little known jewel that I've treasured and coveted for a while. It's appreciated across the spectrum. Beat heads, disco hippies, garage rockers, psyke popsters, and bubble gummers all seem to enjoy this treat.

A little scouting around yielded this awesome video for "Sugar Me".
Looking very much like she was styled after Brigitte Bardot. I often think that perhaps the airwaves were already too filled with the likes of Bardot and others, and the public didn't have time nor the capacity to process other great artists like Lynsey. This is something that plagues my thoughts, and I think is still true even today.

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