Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peter Brown - A Fantasy Love Affair

If you see this in the dollar bin, grab it, it may change your life like it did mine. Originally I was lead to this Lp for the break in "Do You Wanna Get Funky", but some misty nite, in a cloud of smoke in my Berkeley apartment, the real meat of this LP was discovered. The true treasure here is the utter madness in these tunes which PB wasn't appealing or catering to the disco. The 'other' tracks on here are simply brilliant. Purely unclassifiable. Let's take for instance the cosmic hippie joint "Without Love". A synthy mood maker that sets shit a' blaze for that summer day in the park. Such idealistic lyrics and such mellow simplicity. As far as I'm concerned, it brings so many strange flavors together but oh so perfectly. It kinda makes you wonder, where the outtakes for this Lp are? Where's the video of them making this Lp? OK, well, for me it's my 'fantasy'... my wish for a Peter Brown 'Live At Pompeii'? And, then there's the fusion of  "For Your Love", sweet lyrics and a groove that comes on smooth like a cosmic shower. Harmonies and beautiful synth work that can't be touched in a song that fades in and out leaving you saying "what just happened?". Or the visionary track "Singer Becomes The Dancer"? Do you hear those lyrics? Simply amazing. Hypnotic head nodding shit, complimented by a barrage of lyrics that would make Gil Scot-Heron proud. These three tracks alone do soooo much for me.  They're probably in a pocket of sound that can be easily dismissed and hated, yet only makes me treasure them more. And, they should be heralded. I've also included "Do You Wanna Get Funky". Side Note -- Strangely enough, recently I heard "Do You Wanna..." on a car radio in a video game called Grand Theft ( Vice City.. #107? who knows) but yeah, no shit. Fela Kuti too. Imagine that! So, please enjoy these essential PB joints as they are truly some of my most beloved cuts. PB deserves a lot of recognition in my eyes for these and I only wished he made more like them.

Peter Brown - For Your Love
Peter Brown - The Singer Becomes The Dancer
Peter Brown - Without Love
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

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  1. I've had this album for a while and only listened to Dance With Me--just discovered "Without Love," recognize it as sampled by 9th Wonder. Beautiful piece, def gonna grab this on vinyl!