Monday, July 20, 2009

Skye - Ain't No Need

The Last time I heard Cool Chris play out he spun this treasure. I simply love this tune, and speaking of anthems mentioned in the last post here's another one. Again, excellent modern soul. All killer no filler. The night was the Sweater Funk B-day Bash for Jon Blunck. Cool Chris was the guest and played an amazing set. It was similar to his previous Sweater Funk appearance but nearly a year later with a far more developed crowd. The house was packed, the mood was right and the soul crowd was in attendance. Chris' set bounced all over the place yet came together perfectly. From playing with him many, many years ago, it has always been a pleasure to hear him out. 
Anyways, onwards with the music. This release on the Ananda label has two versions, the regular and the dance mix. I really dig both and badly need a remix with both mixed together, but the regular version has more of a song structure to it. There are more build ups and verse, bridge and chorus separation. I believe the 'dance' version is just the loop of the last few minutes of the regular song, and was marketed towards the disco crowd. It works, but the true winner here is the a side, the regular version. Here it is for you to enjoy in it's original form. One of the greatest soul tunes ever, and a strong favorite of mine. Big thanks to Cool Chris for bringing it out. 

P.S. I think there is also a 12" version of this release.. anyone have it? 


  1. This is one of the most incredible tunes ever! Glad you've posted it. People... reach for this!

  2. It's just a cover of a more perfect version, Ralf Grayam 45 on Sussex Records