Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try

Here's a wicked, wicked little soul stomper. This gift of passionate soul magic by Carol Fran is lead by a sledge hammer snare and a few tickles of piano. The bold and beautiful brass ruggedly wraps up Carol's delicious voice. I love how this song starts from scratch and builds up into this frenzy, and then calms down, and fires up again. Just a brilliant 60's soul tune.

I remember initially laying his down at the Ivy Room in Albany, California. Not long after scoring this 45, I played it at Soundboutique. Quite some time ago, and maybe father back than most can remember, or even know about for that matter, the name of this blog represented a Thursday deejay dance night at the Ivy Room. Those were seriously good times and the owners truly gave us the freedom to play what we wanted. This tune packed the floor the few times I played it, and we had prosperous run for that night. I'll always remember my conversation with the owner when we played Prince and AC/DC in the very beginning when the club was still empty and he said 'I think this is great...keep on doin' it' with a laid back satisfied look. They really did let us branch out and play what ever the fuck we wanted to. It was pop, commercial, underground, hip hop, soul, funk, rock, electro, nu-wave...whatever. Anything you could think of. Whatever our guest DJ's felt like playing. As long as you could dance to it. And, yes a lot of stuff like this Carol Fran 45. After all, I was involved so you could always count on a soul fix. We knew the owner had our backs when he paid to replace the blown sub woofer after our roasting of it with 'Under Mi Sleng Teng' by Wanye Smith.
That sub sonic bass is brutal even on a set of Meyers!

Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try

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