Monday, March 14, 2011

James Bootie Tuten - This Is A Love Affair

Wished I could have made it to the city tonight, would have loved to go to the Lipo for Sweaterfunk. It would have been nice to see the crew. I love them folks. And, even better they love some good ass music. I was planning on going. But, I'm nursing my daughter back to health from a flu and as expected I've quickly caught her bug too. So, we're both home sick tonight. And, damn it turned out RAINY! As much as I bitch and whine about being sick, it just shows I still could do a better job taking care of myself. It also shows that the saying is true 'Kids are like germ magnets' and unfortunately I'm living that folklore to the fullest.

I've also been bitchin' and whining about getting tired of boogie too. And, although I say that, I'm still constantly playing it, buying it, and talking about it. Could be I just gotta find the 'right' tunes. Here's the example. This fine tune by James Tuten has been on my want list for a while and now that I picked up a copy it's been in the box and getting played out where ever I go.  If this proves anything, it's just the simple fact that I'm always desiring to discover something new, something fresh. Although at times I may gripe and groan, the music I keep playing speaks for itself. Let's just say that boogie will continue to be my 2nd baby. Or, is it third? Oh well, it's important.

This song is completely bangin' and now one of my funk anthems. From the wicked huge open drums to the chant at the end, it satisfies me on a major level. So, out go my grievances right out the door. Those hard drums, space sounds, and the disco missile launching at the beginning only warm it up for the monster synth bass line. Then the deep commanding vocals come jumping out of the speaker. James should have been nick named 'brutal' as his voice so completely rocks this shit. Yeah, James 'Brutal' Tuten. So stoked to have it in my box, after a long wait. For the moment, it's a 'love affair' with this song.

James Bootie Tuten - This Is A Love Affair

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