Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diggin' With My Daughter

The other night my daughter and I went for a walk to the store to get milk, butter, eggs or some other essential item. On the way we saw a big pile of junk. Its not like me to pass up such a golden opportunity to scavange. A closer look revealed that it was a pile of records, even better yet right? Yes, my favorite kind of junk. The records were all stuck together, watered damaged, mildew covered, and scratched all to hell. I just happened to be talking to my man John Blunk about various boogie cuts and started flipping through the pile. There were loads of interesting pieces, but usually not the time to come up on anything of value, just a time of research. Free records are always good to further ones education. In the pile were singles by Darrow Fletcher, Wanda Burt on Berkeley's own rare Music City label, "Unwind Yourself" by Marva Whitney an lp by the Aristocats, two 80's lp's by Barry White and Herb Alpert, and a twelve inch by Kim Larsen. The song is called "DONNEZ MOI DU FUR", although as you can see we could barely make out the label info. This tune is a devo-esque pop rock tune with art disco and new wave elements. My daughter danced away to it and I suppose she had her first intimate moment excited to discover something rare and new. Awesome. I'm raising a little crate digger. Truly a proud father moment.

Here's Kim Larsen's "Donnez Moi Du Fur" for what it's worth. We enjoy the zany, the unconventional, and the not yet explored hopefully you will too.

Kim Larsen - Donnez Moi Du Fur

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