Saturday, April 18, 2009

Z.Z. Hill - I Keep On Loving You

I've always been a huge fan of Z.Z. Hill. Whether it be 60's soul dancers like "You Don't Love Me", or the classic break beat funk of "I Think I'd Do It". He's always got something to offer, yet his heart is always rooted in a deep soulful blues. I grew up less than a full block from an extraordinary blues club. It was called Kee Sees' Lounge aka The 'Til Two Lounge. I used to smoke cigarettes on the roof and feel the blues bass lines bumping through ceiling. My first exposure to the blues was in this spot, and back in the early 80's he was still well known for performing there. The early 80's was thick with Blues in Oakland as it experienced a heyday like never before. 
ZZ put the funk in blues much like Lowell Fulsom or Junior Parker,
 but did it in his own sweet affectionate way. Here's the mid 70's track "Keep On Loving You" where he plays with strings and disco claps, yet still does it his way, in a down hearted funky blues fashion. This blues club took me under their wing, ushering me into a musical world deep with passion and love. Somehow they worked around age requirements by serving hot dogs, potato salad, and bbq ribs. I thank them from deep in my heart. Not only for the food, but the nourishment for my soul.

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