Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweater Funk - Mid Tempo Night

A special night featuring our interplanetary future funk leader Dam Funk, and a special tribute to those mid tempo slammers we all love. We indulged our folks with all the slow, grinding, funk bombs we never get to play out. Dam was in town for a Feb. 14th Valetines gig and stopped by to contribute on our Mid Tempo Night fashioned after his own Mid Tempo Nights at 'Funkmosphere' in LA.
The plan was to indulge and educate whoever we could entrap in that dungeon known as the Lipo Lounge. We knew it would be a packed house so why not keep folks captive to the groove? Let the education commence! Everything Mid Tempo is here... Don Blackmon, Teddy Pendegrass, Shalamar, Mike Francis, Shock, Pleasure, Randell & Schippers, Flowchart, Satellite, Glass, Garfield Flemming, the elusive Pyramid Plus 45 and many, many others. We apologize for the sound quality and poor volume on Dam's mike. But, this is a chance to hear something that should not be missed. So, quality or not, this is Dam and a few of the Sweater Funk Crew truly in our element. We are in heaven rockin' the mellow vibe, we hope you feel it too.

You can faintly hear the crowd in the mix, but we assure you the enthusiasm was exceptional that night. Everyone was feeling these grooves and it WAS the party of a lifetime. Here's that fateful Feb. 15th 2009 at the Lipo now shared with you!



  1. this is my new favorite blog

  2. that's like music to my ears. well, almost.

  3. Hey whats the track at 21.07 "I just wanna give you all my love".. sounds like Stephanie Mills