Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frieda Nichols - Sweet Peter

How's about a fat juicy slice of sister funk? Straight up, no holds, knuckle up, dragged down to the bone, hassle free heavy funk from mama Frieda Nichols. Bold and Sassy funk with guitar sounds sliding up and down the neck and tickles from the Hammond. On The H & S record label out of L.A., but definitely of New Orleans inspiration. It has that flat footed drum stomp, tight snare and nice fitting tambourine. I can even can go far as to say it sounds as though could have been produced by Edwin Bocage. Love tunes like this, that at times sound as though they are played at the wrong speed. Or, perhaps she had a few hits of helium before the recording?

Not much info on this one, although it is from 1977 and credited as Frieda and Homer Brown and his group. Don't know diddly squat about Ms. Nichols or Mr. Brown. If you do, please let me know. Did I mention I love the comments section? Especially if you've got info to share.

Mind you, Sweet Peter is no carbon copy! Did she say 'photo-static'?? Holy crap!

Frieda Nichols - Sweet Peter


  1. I think there's something wrong with your hosting site.... I can't preview any of these tunes before I DL them. I'm not gonna just download them all and delete the ones I don't want...that's ridiculous

  2. interesting point you make. At some point I'll have web storage and it'll be better for previews, but for now I picked Media fire because it was...
    1. Free for me, and free to DL
    2. had little advertisements
    3. was easy for ME to use
    4. Had no 'pop-ups'
    5. didn't require passwords to download and..
    6. had unlimited DL's
    7. didn't make you 'wait' to download like many others.
    I'd prefer you download them ALL...deleting the ones you 'don't want' seems to make the most sense to me.