Friday, October 22, 2010

The Temptations - Since I Lost My Baby

Speaking of slow burners, here's one from the emperors of sweet soul. I haven't listened to this for a great length of time. Probably since my mod days back when we constantly played The Actions' version. I had been thinking about Motown lately as I had just watched the Tammi Terrell special on 'Unsung'. The Tammi Terrell story is simply an incredible one, and you should do whatever you can to see it.

Just today I came across this LP, 'Temptin'' by The Temptations at a thrift store. It has all the classic elements of Motown production..  clean and crisp piano, elegant strings, drums that crackle like a great northern soul storm, and topped with a silvery coating of vocals. It's a great underplayed song. Just a genius, sincere and heartfelt tune about bitter loss.

I actually give The Action a lot of credit for doing a fine cover of this song. They had the chance to do it over, giving it strength in new parts of the song. But, the Tempts are still kings in my book and no one can hold a flame to the arsenal of beautiful music they put out. This being just another fine example of what they and the Motown squad had to offer in 1965.

The Temptations - Since I Lost My Baby

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