Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

It's funny, the first thing that came to mind for me when I posted "Since I Lost My Baby' by The Temptations was this tune. While the Tempts are hugely well known, the opposite can be said for The Metros. Although they were lesser known, the influence of the budding Motown sound is clear. From the sharp arsenal of instruments and the full production, you can tell Motor city had it's affect on The Metros.

This tune from their 1967 RCA LP "Sweetest One" is a marvel of a tune and a smokin' hot soul dancer. I've been wanting to retread or back step into my DJ material from my years as a mod. No tune better exemplifies the sound that I was into at that time. It's an essential northern soul tune. I like to call it secret agent soul. It's slick, smooth, polished and ever so deadly. Reminds me of the crisp 'big boy' sound system at 330 Ritch Street back when Kitty, Kirk Harper and I (and frequent guests) would DJ the soul nite called 'In and Out' once a month. Things like this tune always sounded so incredible on that huge sound system. Although, I was mostly known for playing funkier and more southern type stuff, I had my moments of glazing the soul donuts too. I was just as happy to button the fourth button and break out the talcum power when it came to numbers like this. It was a great period for me, expanding my interests in 60's and 70's club soul, be it funky or northern, pop or underground.

The Metros were Percy Williams, James Buckman, Robert Suttles, and Arthur Mitchell. All incredibly talented vocalists. Produced by Jack Ashford (Hotel Sheet) and Joe Hunter, also known as the Pied Piper production team. This song also features a young guitarist known as Dave Hamilton. Sadly this was their only full length LP, and only book cased it with a few 45 releases. They formed in 1966 and quickly separated late the next year.
Too Bad, The Metros had such great potential. 

That's two 'Since I ____ My Baby' tunes in one week! But, I'll spare you all from my horrific 'blanked my baby' jokes. Just glad that now, what was once lost, is now found. Cheers.


The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

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