Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ann Alford - Got To Get Me A Job

This is Ann's sole record release but it is a slammin' deep funk 45 heater. It may be her only record, but it's well loved and enjoyed. Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana this sister cut these two sides and vanished as far as we know. The flip is incredible as well, a true ballad in a tear stained James Brown fashion. I think Hy Sign was a subsidiary of the Murco label.

I noticed the other day that BGP has just released this same song this year coupled with Alvin Cash's 'Twine Time' on a new 45. Interesting to see that BGP and ACE are still keeping up with the Joneses. Perhaps they are attempting to cash in on the endless times that this tune has been comped, booted and re-issued. Nice to know you can get this great tune for a cheap price. They've started out well for 2011 and I'm curious to see what's next. In that respect I probably paid way too much for it, but you get to reap the benefits again. Here I present my rip of this great sister funk 45 for you to enjoy.

Ann Alford - Got To Get Me A Job

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