Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apostles - Feeling Happy

Heading to a record sale here in a few hours. Looking at the list of sellers, it's gonna be a great show. Lots of breaks, funk and music from all over. Everything from African to Latin to Indian funk should be well represented.
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Huge Record Sale
As record sales seem to get better and better, it's tending to be as a result of being in younger hands. The staunchy old 'oldies' collectors have less and less of what we're really looking for.  The younger cats are taking over. More and more record hustlers are selling quantity and setting up shop on ebay and discogs with quality. It's refreshing to see this many sellers at a swap and even more exciting that it's here in Oakland. It's from 12-4pm and even better that folks don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. I'm still wishing for a PM or nite swap like our folks up north with the Nite-Owl record swap in Portland. But, for now this will do. You'll want to make this if you're in the area.

Onto this heavy piece of Nigerian funk from these fine men known as The Apostles. From the 197? LP entitled 'Wisdom' is this funky tune 'Feeling Happy' on EMI Nigeria. These cats have about five other albums, but I know little about their overall history. Juan played this record for me after his first trip to Africa, and I'm just glad he's returned to the motherland and tracked this one down for me. If only now he'd find the ROB record for me!

Most of these records have gobs of dust and dirt. Condition with these records is always difficult. They usually have years of road dirt and hot sun warpage. It's hard to find anything in mint condition. But, the incredible strength of these artist usually shines through, and sometimes the funk out weighs interference. I often like my funk with a bit of bacon sizzling away in the background anyway.

Apostles - Feeling Happy

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