Thursday, April 7, 2011

Enlightment - Burning Flame

This tune is melting my head away at the moment. Seriously an anthem of mine, this is indeed my shit! This 'burner' is a funky gospel monster. Mellow and extremely soulful. This track came to me by way of Andrew and the fine folks at Earcave and Peoples Potential Unlimited. By the time I discovered it at the site, it was sold. Already I was in love with this shit. Thought I had never heard anything quite so beautiful. It literally sent me to the phone and Internet searching for how I could track down a copy. No luck. Finally I got a hold of this and it's here for you to enjoy. This is 80's gospel boogie at it's finest. The man behind this project, Larry Jordan is a Bishop these days for The Believers Worship Center in Maryland. Although I was not able to track down this LP as of yet, I was able to track down some additional info on this group....

last copy sold on ebay for US $1730! Nuts!!

The line up was Tony Harod on guitar, James Brown on bass, Al Johnson on synth & keys, Harold Young on drums, Joe Gatling on sax, Tim Eyermann... horns, Kim Miller... violins, and the Enlightment singers: Sheila Stubblefield, Rhonda Lathon Holmes, Marilyn Monroe, and Larry H. Jordan. I was able to get this 45 and from what I hear its the best song on the album. Often it seems the name get spell 'shifted' from Enlightment to Enlightenment, which I'm sure will only prove to make it harder to find. Already the last copy of it sold for close to 18 hundred dollars on eBay. Yikes. If that isn't an example of shill bidding I don't know what is.

***UPDATED - not to infringe on the bands copyright we have updated and reposted this with the Youtube video. and, NOT providing a mp3 of the song.

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  1. exellent funky gospel, the same experience from me, my fav and best killer terrible superbe gospel funky of all time by far!!
    this is one in a million hard to find song, something similar but much smaller category, it could be "fay hill" and his 81 fantastic son "this is a blessing" nice groove too, awesome voice and weir frenetic and magnifiscent, but nothing compared to "burnin flame". there is an great song on the lp also "what happening people" and the other bomb "faith is the key"; the slows are all good exept "jesus be always be there", but i repit, nothing compares with "burnin flame" NOTHING!!! but wait... there is something close to the perfection as this: leave it up to him by "scott jarret"... mmm nop, "robert ware - born again"? neither,emm another? "reggie devauhn - ready for battle"?, mmm no. i think is the best by the moment, the best moder funk/gospel song by far!!