Monday, November 21, 2011

Alisa Randolph - Put That Thang On Me

Had an impossible time trying to track this one down, mostly due to people everywhere incorrectly listing her as Alisha Randolph. Take the the 'H' out and it's a game changer.  A hopelessly 'rare' tune becomes a two dollar LP. Just like that.
This is my ode to a fellow collector here in SF. He's also an alumni of our extended Sweater Funk Family. You see, our good friend Joe Vargo has been plastering that book of faces with a brand of 'Street Soul' or 'UK Street Soul' that's been catching his fancy. It's been peaking our interests too. I've also been finding more and more later 80's grooves that have been appealing to me. And, additionally venturing into what sounds like early New Jack Swing. I haven't really found the thread that ties my love for boogie and late 80's soul into a venture in the 1990's, but this may be the first, or rather the first exception. Usually a beginning to an evolution of another chapter of my developing sound when I find a cut like this. Or, more specifically a start into another realm of tunage. Some can hack it. Some can't. Some don't even understand.

What's so wicked about this tune is the catchy lil' phrases about 'being late' and 'having coffee tea or me'. I only wish I could speed time up and find the other goodies waiting in this certain pocket of music history. But, all in due time. There will be more I can feel it.

Alisa was a member in the female outfit Madame X. She's also a bona fide fox. A beautiful lady with immense talents. Sadly she passed away back in 2005. So, now here at da' boutique we have this fine lady belting her way through this heater from 1990. Yes, from 1990. Alisa Randolph. Put That Thang On Me. Enjoy it.

Alisa Randolph - Put That Thang On Me

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