Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen

I never thought I'd be leaving a record store with a Philip Glass LP under my arm. And, be dying to throw it back on the turntable as soon as I got home. Just never dawned on me that I'd be headed in that direction, or that ephemeral music would strike such a strong cord with me. But, it did. I marvel at how much listening to 'Glass Works' was an incredible turning point for me as it was, and glad to have my newest right hand man there for me. Like a guru or Sheppard in a heavy acid trip. Fernando, my partner in crime, was there to hold my hand and more importantly turn the volume way up while we were working. 'Glass Works' I assure you is best listened to like a good Heavy Metal loud as possible.

Fernando is also the man behind Vamp, a music and art consignment shop. My biggest recent business venture is combining forces and partnering up with him and delving into the world of the record shop.

I have always avoided working at a record shop like the plague. Mostly for the primary reasons of never making any money, of course spending every dime earned on music itself. And, more importantly getting turned on to TOO MUCH MUSIC and having my addiction for vinyl climb to new and ridiculous heights. So true. All of it. It's a rabbit hole to make other rabbit holes look like, well.. something smaller.
The main bins at the shop and the wall before the LP display shelf upgrade.

So, in my recent travels into the bins of records I've acquired a taste for classical, discovered new loves in jazz, and been mesmerized by ephemeral and mood music. It's a wicked curse I tell you. One of these wicked mood pieces is this classic synth-scape lp by Jean Michel Jarre. And, just how the formula usually works at a record shop, the customers occasionally bring your attention to items. While I'm pricing the things I do know, those folks in the shop are digging for the unknown. And, purchasing the items I'm not yet hip to. And, I always do my best to share and expose them to new treats unknown to them. For me, being involved in a record shop brings back the sense of 'community' into vinyl collecting and redefines the true legitimate 'exposure' in sharing music.

Fernando and The No-good-of-dog store mascot Miles

Vamp has somewhere between a half dozen to a dozen consignors who bring their own unique collections, knack for acquiring, and tastes to the store. We've come a long way since I've been involved 6 months ago and I'm excited to see where we'll be in a years time. It's an exciting project for me, and when you're in Oakland you should come and check us out. We're quite flaky, but we're trying. We're open currently from 12-6 Thursday through Sunday, but you should always HIT US UP FIRST> WARNING: we are often involved in other stuff, and our hours are whimsical at best.
Come check us out... we have RECORDS. Lots of them.

VAMP - 547 Athol Ave. Oakland, CA 94606

So, here's some chunks from Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygen LP, I hope you enjoy it!

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen - Part 3

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen - Part 4

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen - Part 5

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen - Part 6

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