Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eddie Capones Treatment - I Won't Give You Up

Eddie Capone
Busy Weekend. Flying around so much that now my body is catching up with me finally resting on the couch writing this. B. Bravo and K-maxx tore up a wicked show at Som Bar. And, tomorrow (today rather) we've got Tres Lingerie joining us at the Lipo Lounge. Johan and Jordan always have wicked good tunes. Sorry to use any out-dated slang here. I've just been given the business by Rooky Ricardo's Records owner Dick Vivien about ridiculous and idiotic over used slang terms like 'dude' and 'awesome' so I'm assuming 'wicked' falls into that category too.
If I had any reservations about posting this tune here, it was then properly backed and fully endorsed by the wife and so now here it is for you. I've been playing it a bit around the house. I do however go through tunes quite quickly. This is something I've mentioned here before. Once a tune makes it, and kinda creeps into the regular playlist of someone else, I get a little tired of it. I'm an addict, so it's no surprise that what I'm really addicted to in Djing and music sharing is that intimate relationship with obscure tunes. Like my own personal affliction. But, the wifey spoke up tonight when we came home and said she 'liked this song', so after playing it at Sweater Funk maybe ONCE, it's time to put it up on here.

Another issue of this song on the PRT label listed only as Capone

Don't know jack shit about Eddie Capone but the treatment is quite nice. It seems he was a reggae recording artist. And, the original label that this song came out on was his own, Treatment Records. Diane Jones is credited as the lead vocalist on this, but other than this being a brit-funk boogie monster, I know nothing. I keep enjoying this tune more and more tho. It's big and powerful with a general happy feeling. Not sure what to call that crazy horn section riff that almost verges on some kind of 'latin' influence. It's arranged really nicely and has this stomping break beat throughout. My jury is still out on this singer, but she's most definitely going for it and giving it all she's got.  Leaving nothing on the cutting room floor. I have no real idea why, but this somehow reminds me of the Cool Notes.

On another note...These guys... Tres Lingerie
...will be rockin' with us at Sweater Funk this Sunday. That is tomorrow, or tonight. Depends on which side of the AM you're on.
check them out!
James Anthony and Tres Lingerie on Beat Electric TV Dance Party

And, here's the Eddie Capone jam....
Eddie Capones Treatment - I Won't Give You Up

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