Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ben - I Would Have To Be a Fool

This kinda ended up being a regular spin at Sweaterfunk. I don't know how it got into my crates but once it did, it was a staple. Rather nice record to have because it has the regular vocal version, and right after it the instrumental version. Even stranger that it's one sided 12 inch. We clearly needed another side from this guy. I don't know anything about Ben, but this record appears to be from the L.A. area. lol. Its just darn good quality indie-soul and this track is a classy boogie jam.
It somehow made it's way into Jon Blunck's crates as well, and played on the regular. With the two of us having it, that meant it was played a lot. I was just reminiscing about SF and how I haven't been able to make it in ages. Jon just recently assured me my membership was 'fo life' and after getting jumped in there's no escaping. I'm not going to push the subject any farther than that. After all, Jon is from Los Angeles, and dresses like a gang banger and I probably don't want to play around.. might end up in the bay with cement shoes on.

This track was just released on 'Under The Influence' number 3 compiled by the homie James Glass. Shit, I've known James for something like 20-25 years. We've gone from bugging out over Dorothy Ashby LP's to wigging out on Willie Wood and the Willie Wood Crew. He's been into disco much, MUCH, longer than I, but we've met in the middle somewhere called boogie. Good chap he is, and a deep digger with a lethal collection. Known for only holding stone cold mint copies of things, he also shows with this comp, his tastes are immaculate as well.

Enjoy this Ben track..

Ben - I Would Have To Be a Fool

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