Saturday, February 22, 2014

Betty Padgett - Sugar Daddy

I owe a tremendous amount of praise and recognition to Andrew Morgan of PPU and Earcave. I've been buying records from his ebay account and his ebay store long before his label came about and long before his ear cave store...which if I remember correctly was originally called District Wax. He used to make monthly mixes to share with his customers. They used to be listed along side his auctions as actual 'for sale' items. It was a kind of genius idea, and I think he still is just that, genius.
He's helped me a tremendous amount with my collecting and my label and other endeavors. Now, I'm passing along the torch to others I can help.
One of his mixes, I think possibly one of the last few (as it seems he stopped them) had this incredible Betty Padgett song 'Sugar Daddy' and I bugged him about it quite a bit.

For a good while this did not show up. Then I jumped on the opportunity to nab an album of Betty's that has both versions of Sugar Daddy. I was at first, holding out for the 12 inch version which Andrew had hipped me to, but I couldn't bare to wait any longer and it never seemed to turn up.
So, after I got the album version, which fortunately has both versions of the song on it, I shared it with the Sweater Funk folks down in the basement of the Lipo Lounge. A year or two later it came out on Luv N' Haight records diguised in a sleeve very similar to that original 12 inch version. That kinda did me in, and my thinking then was it was going to elude me even more now that the 'world' would know about it.

Here's the bas ass Ultra release of Betty's Sugar Daddy

But, last year I finally got a copy of the Ultra 12 inch and its Beautiful. I realize now why it's a hard one to grab. It's a reoccurring problem with rare releases that the spelling can have you searching for an un-obtainable piece. A simple typo with an artists name and you'll NEVER find it. This was the case with Betty Padget, or Betty Padgett.

Here's the well cloned Luv N' Haight version

Betty's a small woman, but a power house singer. She's from New Jersey but somehow ended up in Miami and recorded some tunes with none other than Milton Wright. Betty has this incredible side of deep, deep Miami groove to show for her efforts, she even remembers this song being used in radio and tv commercials due to local popularity. She's remained in the Miami area over the last 30 years and performed with the McCrae's (George and Gwen) as well as Jimmy Bo Horne, Latimore and Little Beaver.

If you can't get the 12 inch, THIS is the album to get.
It's on the ALWA label

Betty is still alive and rocking.. has recent CD's and 'Sugar Daddy' is available now thru Luv N' Haight and via mp3 download.
Hats off to you Betty, I'm glad to finally have your 12 inch and will rock and share it where ever I play.

And, here's yet another issue of the 12 inch which I have never seen on the Space label.

Betty Padgett - Sugar Daddy

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