Friday, February 21, 2014

The Black On White Affair - Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother

Welp, I just spend the last 45 minutes hammering out a lengthy post here and good ole blogger didn't save and froze up. So, as I'm writing this 'second' version I don't know what you're gonna get. I'll try an replicate what I already said..but, coming into this over a year after having had a regular routine of posting here, I've forgotten that its best to work offline and post final product to avoid losing a great deal of time, effort and content.
Anyways.. I think I was saying.. This 45 had eluded me for quite some time. Surprisingly it never turned up for me, not even after several ventures up to the Seattle area where it hails. My Mom, rest in peace, was doing what she does..labor organizing to be specific..go mama! and I would visit her there and got to dig around Seattle. So, it's a marvel I had not put my hands to a copy yet.
Anyways, here it is FINALLY and I'm pleased. Two banging sides. Fudge dipped heavy funk from A to B side. Both sides are equal 'Monster Funk'. New category duly noted.

This song opens with some of the most lethal and crunchiest drums I've heard. This song also paves the way into 'Wheedle's Groove' a compilation of Seattle funk and soul. Wheedle's Groove was also the starting point for the Light In The Attic label and championing the West Coast funk and soul digging and collecting scene. I think once people learned there was a rich history and still so many nuggets to be found it kinda exploded.
The movie by the same name should be mentioned here as well, probably one of few if not the only documentary that focuses on the artists, the producers, the local history and the stories of discovery. It's amazing and if you haven't seen it, you really NEED to. I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it yet here at SB, but if I have then it most certainly deserve several rounds of praise and multiple mentions.

The Black On White Affair were an early incarnation of Robbie Hill's Family Affair, and the reason I mention it like that is I'd like to post a Robbie Hill song here as well. For those of you who know me, you may have heard about the theft of my records last year. One of the stolen 45's was my beloved Robbie Hill 'I Just Want To Be (Like Myself)' 45. Once I get that back into the collection, I will post it up here. But, definitely go see 'Wheedle's Groove' the movie and/or get this essential comp.

Both sides of this 45 are hard, mean dirty blues funk. From those completely devastating drums to that first brutal organ screech. Just devastating. Heavy deep funk at it's best. The flip instrumental is also a monster. Just so damn good. I've always liked and kinda grew up on the harder, meaner, ruffer, blues from the likes of Billy Boy Arnold and Taj Mahal.
Funny side story, I think a certain home-girl, good friend of mine Kitty, started a scooter club (or, girl gang ;)) of the same name, The Bold Soul Sisters. Maybe it was even BSS SC. Perhaps you might think she could have been referencing the Ike and Tina song of the same name, but inclusion on a early mix tape of hers, I'm pretty sure she was influenced by THIS song. They are of course COMPLETELY different. Both incredibly good, yet this one being a 100x's rarer and dare I say.. RAWER.
So the quest for this elusive slab of Seattle based funk is FINALLY over, and here for you to enjoy.

ALSO: worth mentioning is the 2007 issue of these same songs on the Sausage Records label...I think I will obtain one as well, and not have to bring out my original. And, much easier and cheaper for the rest of us. Special thanks to Nancy Soultastic for trading with me on this one. It will be cared for and loved.

The Black On White Affair - Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother

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