Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Limit - Pop

We're baaaaack...and it feels SO right. Been way too damn long. Here's a goodie I could have sworn we had already posted, but I guess not. At least if we have it's been pulled off or down from our site. So, I'm trying again. That's largely been why we've been really behind and lagging in posting new shit on here..because the copyright folks have been on our case. I still don't get it, why those folks can't figure out that this is GOOD exposure, like radio play..and that 'listeners' or downloaders (?) if you will, will go out and BUY shit by these artists. So, we'll see. Who knows how it will be this year.

Anyways, folks into boogie are well aware of The Limit. Bangers like "She's So Divine" and "Crimes Of Passion" are common in the bins and get regular play in good boogie sets. But, this rare b-side only available on the 45 version of "She's So Divine" is a gem in the rough. Originally named Oattes Van Schaik. Like some wild Dutch bastard boogie children of Hall and Oates. But, like really good and stuff. Whether its good two-step or just quality blue-eyed boogie I think it will suffice as a nice come back treat for us to share with you. Enjoy it.

The Limit - Pop

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