Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vaughan Mason - Rocking Big Guitar

Just scored two nice Vaughan Mason 45's for the collection. Well known bomb ass tunes that are dope to have in the 45 format. 'Rocking Big Guitar' and 'You Can Do It' are indeed classic party rockers in my book. Major plus that they are both picture sleeves.
Don't know why every time I hear 'Rocking Big Guitar' it sounds like to me they are saying 'feel my dick get hard'? You can ad-lib the rest of your own dirty lyrics if you want. Perhaps it was intended to be a vulgar jam.

These 45's are ripe for some upcoming gigs over the next two weekends. If you're in the Bay Area (Particularly the EAST BAY)  there's a few things to check out we here at SB approve of.
Perfect for the 45 loving crowd, Friday night, Feb. 21st in Oakland at the legendary '45 Sessions' and Saturday, March 1st for 'Where It's At' which is now a merger between them and Lower Bottoms. So, two nice parties, and sure to be loads of funk, soul and goodness...often on 45 only. Perhaps you will see or hear yours truly at one or both of these events. The Sweaterfunk crew is one of the guest for 45 sessions and the 'Where It's At' party has a solid line up of performers The Grease Traps and Iron Sides both on the already legendary Colemine label.

Known world wide 45 Sessions always comes thru with the epic parties,
and always features a record swap in a near by room, don't miss.

This particular Oakland Saturday night promises to be a good partay.

Im just showing off here... but, love this little 45!

And, the way...this Rocking Big Guitar is from the 12inch version and is an enormous file. So, may take a minute to download. Just a heads up. I decided to upload the LONGER and better 12 inch version. But, does NOT come in a sweet picture sleeve cover. lol. 

Vaughan Mason - Rocking Big Guitar

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