Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marv Johnson - With All That's In Me

Had to dig this one up once I started reminiscing about the golden mod days. This was a favorite of mine to bump on the incredible powerhouse of a sound system at 330 Ritch St. in San Francisco. For a few years Kirk Harper, Kitty, Joe Silva and I hosted a 60's and 70's soul night there.  Back when I could fit into a 3 pc. suit and spun around and boogalued like nobody's business!

This is quite a thunderous stomper and a bit haunted like most of the stuff I really like. Sounded so good nice and loud. A great piano riff and some murderous backing vocal lines delivered by some unknown soul sisters that literally burn it up. This has that real early Ray Charles style swing to it and has been a difficult 45 to track down. One of my faves. Hope you enjoy.

Mr. Marv Johnson

Marv Johnson - With All That's In Me

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